1937-1948 First Period


Portrait dEB env. 20 ans 1932 Elie et Walram de Borchgrave
Elie Borgrave (1930) Golf player with his brother Walram in 1932 at the Ravenstein Golf Club

In 1935, he is now 30 years old and is travelling across the United States and different European countries.

Important stay in Paris to visit all exhibitions of contemporary art.

In 1936, at the Jeu de Paume, he could have seen the exhibition called "the Contemporary Spanish Art" where Juan Gris exhibited works (n°102-105 catalogue)

In 1937, two important international exhibitions where G. Braque and J. Gris exhibited called :

"The Origin and development of International Independant Art" and "The masters of Independant Art" at the Petit Palais (salle Juan Gris)

At that time, George Braque had exhibited at Paul Rosenberg Gallery untill 1939, and Juan Gris at Baly & Carré Gallery.


 woman-with-a-guitar-1913                        134343 88304de8-a2de-4d9a-956a-a8dcb64d31a5 -1            Baluster and skull Oil on canvas 1938              

 G. Braque "Woman with a guitar"  1908               "Vase, palette and mandoline" 1936                            "Baluster and skull" Braque 1938
The blue cloth Oil on canvas Juan Gris 1925    The book of music Oil on canvas Juan Gris 1922
Juan Gris "The Blue Cloth" 1925          "the book of music" 1922

Discovering George Braque and Juan Gris works, Elie Borgrave felt a great artistic and emotional shock that will determine his life as an artist.

He will be a painter, he has many things to say and to express, he is now 32 years old.


He felt free when his father Camille de Borchgrave died on january 21st, 1940, in Belgium as he wanted him to become a diplomat. 

However, after Belgian and French capitulation, he escaped to Spain and Portugal, waiting for visas and tickets to go to South America.

He went to Brazil and had to find small jobs to survive but, in April 1941, he joined the Belgian free army in Canada,  in the commandos trained by the British army.

Demobilized, he is back in Europe and Wales where he married the British Grace Arthur Scott Jeavons who was 27 years old and stayed in Wales during the war.


1940-1946; Elie Borgrave was living in Great Britain and drawing the country. In the beginning, he was told he was not able to draw and paint. Autodidact, he learnt drawing technics by himself and we have figurative drawings of Wales farms, houses interiors and landscapes. Elderen's drawings and paintings are born in 1945.


28.02.45 crne du blier   cour de ferme 17.02.45 impression 386 x 281  

"28.02.1945" Skull ram
Drawing - 70 x 50 cm - Coll. AB

Drawing - 38,6 x 28,1 cm - Coll. AB

 E 45 03.02.45 Printing  382 x 281 cm

 "02.03.45" Old shoes - Drawing 38,2 x 28,1 cm - Coll. AB

E 45 Elderen

1945 Elderen Oil pastel - Coll. N&S B

E 49   Signature Elderen

Elderen "Mag 41" Not signed
Gouache Coll. AB


Coll. Group2Gallery


- 48 -1948 Elderen  Oil on canvas 95 x 82 cm acquisition 26.09.2014

1945 ElderenLa Maison et la Femme II  Huile sur toile 100 x 81 c 

Elderen lower left signed, oil on canvas 95 x 82 cm Coll.AB circa 1945 Elderen lower left signed, "La Maison et la Femme" oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm 1945
5.Elderen signed - Copie 7.Unsigned Stonington 
Elderen Oil on canvas Elderen unsigned Oil on canvas
In the 1940's, Elie Borgrave resolutely turns to abstraction, inspired by Cubism. He signs his works "Elderen" (another name of his Belgian family), before signing Elie Borgrave.