1958-1962 French Period

In France, he found a place to live and paint very near from Paris, at Fourqueux , studio and house to accodomate all family.
1960 C Atelier de Fourqueux 1.200 dpi    1962 C EB Fourqueux 
E 59  Sketch E 59  50 x 60 cm E 59 Vente De Vuyst 23.10.2010  130 x 110 cm E 59 C Oil on plywood 55 x 305 cm Coll. Bruno Corbisier anciennement coll. Pierre Corbisier
"Σ 59" Oil on paper Coll. N&S B   "Σ 59" Oil on canvas  50 x 60 cm Coll.N&SB       "Σ 59" Oil on canvas 110 x 130 cm Ancien collection Ernesto Schmidt (Bâle) Coll. AB  59" Oil on plywood 55 x 30,5 cm Coll. BC
E 59 On the back Elie Borgrave 59 N24 Oil on plywood 65 x 1005 cm 72 ppp E 60 C Oil on canvas 140 x 158 cm Coll. van der Haegen Brussels Belgium E 60 C Oil on canvas 162 x 130 cm 400 ppp Coll. Piet Cordonnier -  Compressé E 59 Oil on plywood 55 x 305 cm Coll. Bruno Corbisier anciennement coll. Pierre Corbisier
"Σ 59" n°24 Oil on plywood 100,5 x 65 cm "Σ 60" Oil on canvas 140 x 158 cm Coll. VDH "Σ 60" Oil on canvas 162 x 130 cm Coll. PC "Σ 61" Oil on plywood 70 x 80 cm Coll N&S B


According to the motto of Denise René , "the lion hunts alone", he locked himself to reflect and engage in his painting. To control the vagaries of color, he used pure pigments that impart energy to its quality red, his orange and brilliant yellow. The combination of colors adjacented to characteristic. He worked colors values, essential for him, and overlay colors contributed to the life of his paintings.



To control the"color whims", it uses pure pigmentsthat impartenergyto itsqualityred, hisbrightorangeandyellow, blue andsubtle grays. The associationofneighboringtonesofcolorsis typical, sometimesthe opposition oftonesis violent andcontribute to the vitalityof his painting.


On his sketches books,he wrote what he felt about colors system and colors values.
"Colors. Values. Light.

Perpetual problem we seek a principle, or at least a guideline. Poliakoff said that the value is the only problem. I think I have erred in trying to reach the stars, finding values in grey. I'm not good at this extreme sensitivity. I must serve as color values nearly equal. The result is obviously more lyrical than dramatic, but you have to accept the kind of artist you are.

I think this recovery at the expense of color value may terminate this long period of "bloguerque" almost complete my work. However, you never know. Already a canvas blue refused to live for months has caught his breath and sings (and that with a quarter of an hour of work!)

It's hard not to lose his way. Replacing colors in these values was a result of my Puritanism, danger awaits me in all areas elsewhere.

Reviewed an album of Jacques Villon some "modest" but how invigorating.

Problem: what is the relationship of aesthetics and expression, aesthetics and morality? Nowadays aesthetics is a pejorative word." Σ March 22, 1958


"In an age in which words have lost their meaning, where an "international" longshore means Union in a pronely local organisation and an "imperial Chrysler" has nothing to do with an empire, it might be opposite to clear up another confusion namely that between the words "abstract" and "non figuration" as applied to art. For they are in, no way, synonymous.

Impotent and psychotic rage creating chaos in searching for freedom. Rage hatred frustration. Does not the reading of faces cease to have any meaning? The rage and the vengence of the inattractive, the bombing of Heidelberg, obliteration on obliteration of any possible meaning. True nihilism. The anti mouvement part of the hippy revolt against bourgeois society scelled. Having peed into the fireplace of the rich who, in their suicidal guilt complex lapped up, the liberals had former a hero and the hippies a champion".

E 60 Ischia Natale 116 x 89 cm E 60 Composition n60 Huile sur panneau 160 x 140 cm E 60 Sommet Jaune huile sur toile 130 x 97 cm
"Σ 60" "Ischia Natale" Oil on canvas 116 x 89 cm "Σ 60" "Composition n°60" Oil on plywood 160 x 140 cm "Σ 60" "Yellow Top" Oil on canvas 130 x 97 cm



E 60  60 x 73 cm E 60 Dénouement en Bleu Huile sur toile 162 x 130 cm Compressé
"Σ 60" Oil on canvas 60 x 73 cm Coll. N&S B "Σ 60" "Outcome in blue" Oil on canvas 162 x 130 cm Coll N&S B "Σ 61" Oil on canvas 73 x 54 cm Coll. BC      


E 61Oil on canvas Ocher yellow  white and black 27 x 35 cm    
E 61  Compo N 50 46 x61 De Vuyst n399 signed on the canvas back
"Σ 61" "Composition n°50" Oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm Coll. AB

"Σ 61" Oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm cm sold by De Vuyst Auction

                                          on 05.12.2012 lot 399 Coll. AB


E 61  36 x 27 cm E 61 Oil on canvas 61 x 46 cm Three yellows on black shapes Elie Borgrave n49
"Σ 61" Oil on canvas 70 x 80 cm Coll. N&S B.

"Σ 61" Oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm Coll.OT

The 1960swere marked bya certainmysticismandfaithexpressedthrough figurative ink sketches
E 61 Black ink on paper Canson Annonay 42 x 317 from a sketch book
E 61 Black ink on Canson paper 42 x 377 cm
"Σ 61" Ink on paper 37,7 x 42 cm Christ face or self portrait Coll. AB "Σ 61" Ink on paper 37,7 x 42 cm Descent from the Cross Coll. AB