oct-12 1905

Birth at Ixelles in Belgium of Elie, Camille, Charles, Thomas, Marie, Comte de Borchgrave d'Altena. He is "Balance" ascending "Scorpio".


 1907 march EB
C Camille de Borchgrave 1870-1940 - Copie 

His father, Comte Camille de Borchgrave d’Altena (born in 1870 at Marlinne castle – Limbourg, Belgium - deceased January 21st 1940 at Knokke) is a gentleman,relativelyconventional,principled.

 Ruth de Borchgrave - 30 ans

His mother, American Ruth Snyder (born in 1876 Pensylvania/USA, deceased in 1964 at Knokke, descendant from Charlemagne Tower , married in 1904 in Philadelphia) met her husband in Russia at the US Embassy where her uncle was ambassador.



1916 Elie 1905-1992 Walram 1906-1969 Hugues 1908-1964 

He lived with his three brothers Walram  (1906-1969), Hugues (1908-1964) and Serge  (1912-2000) in Varsenaere Castle in Belgium.




  1911 nov. EB 6 ans


During the first world war, the whole family took refuge in United Kingdom. He went to the Benedictine  College of Downside, Somerset, England.



Back in Belgium, he studied Literature and philosophy at St Louis Institute of Brussels   (1923) then he entered Cavalry Officers School but did not remain.



He travelled in the USA  (New York)



During that time, playing with his brothers and father, he became a golf club champion

at the Ravenstein Royal BelgianEB Champion de golf in 1929, 1930, 1933 and 1936

  Caricature Camille Golfeur C Camille de Borchgrave 1907 1870-1940

  Father Camille de Borchgrave


He lived in Paris and discovered the works of Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Paul Klee and Cubists, probably at the exhibitions of the Petit Palais. It has been an essential emotional shock which would determine his entire life.





                                                                        Georges Braque 


 Exhibition in Paris 2013        G. Braque paintings





From that time, he decided to be a painter, even if he was amateur and autodidact


1939 may

After a trip in New York, he left Paris for Belgium, he was mobilized and his father died a few months later at 69 years old


1940 july

After Belgian and French capitulation, he escaped to Spain and Portugal waiting for visas and tickets to South America



He arrived in Brazil,  in Rio de Janeiro where he tried to earn money (he restaured the Fresco paintings  of Copacabana Hotel and became President Vargas's golf teacher...)



Coming from Buenos Aires, he travelled to New York and Canada where he joined the Belgium free army in the commandos trained by the British army


Demobilized, he is back in Europe and started painting under the pseudonym of Elderen (his ancestors were Lords of Elderen)





He lived in London, then in Wales where he worked on his drawings and paintings, learning all the techniques.




He met the Polish Jewish painter, Jankel Adler (1895-1949), a former professor of Bauhaus, in exile in London since 1934 who drew his portrait and became a good friend.

Portrait dEB par Jankl Adler 1943

Portrait by Jankel Adler


Jankel Adler 1895-1949

1941 sep 20

Marriage in Wales (Upton, Worcester) with the British, Grace Arthur Scott Jeavons (born in 03.05.1914) called "Nancy"

 1955 nancy forio Ischia


After the war, he returned to Belgium with his wife, and went back to live in Paris



Paris : friendship with Geer and Bram Van Velde and Paul Klee





               8-300 bleus-gris-rose 485 x 66 cm  BRUXELLES 





Expo Geer  Bram van Velde à NY

Geer Van Velde exhibition

at Galerie Maeght in 1947


Geer and Bram Van Velde at Kootz Gallery NY


He participated to three Salon des Réalités Nouvelles” with Herbin, Vasarely, Poliakoff, Van Velde..

 2013 11 Iphone 140 DxO

He started to sign his works with the greek sigma Σ (Elie) followed by the year he painted it.

                                                                     IMG 1436 - Copie

 E 46 Oil on canvas 38 x 465 cm Light blue yellow and green on grey background 

Σ46 Oil on canvas

He was showed in Brussels at Galerie Louis Manteau (bd. de Waterloo, 62)



The difficult European reconstruction pushed him to immigrate in USA






He settled in United States, in New York City


He was represented by J.B. Neumann, wellknown art critic and gallery  

1st exhibition in New York: New Art Center, Nierendorff Gallery and at JP Neumann Gallery


Birth of his daughter Semira de Borchgrave



He moved to Connecticut: 5 North West Street at Stonington (150kms from NY) where he combined home and studio. He wanted to be secluded and found hisinspiration,the necessary calm,away from cities.



  IMG 1579   1950 Stonington -EB et Nancy

 1950 march Stonington


He created the  Modern Art Summerschool in Stonington




 1956 Ischia   1954 Ischia  1954 Aug. St. 3





Portrait dEB Ischia 1954  49 ans



Studio in Stonington



Birth of his 2nd daughter Nicole de Borchgrave


     1951 - 1954                 


Exhibitions at Pennsylvania Academy, St Louis Annual, Colombus, Cincinnati Museum, Nebraska, Wesley University, Middletown, Connecticut
Exhibition at the Wesley University (Connecticut)


1954 June-11

American naturalization name: Elie Charles Borgrave


 Certificat de naturalisation 11.06.1954 Elie Charles Borgrave

Family moved to Mexico and later to Europe


First one man show : he exhibited at the Stable Gallery in NY City (Director, Mrs. Eleanor Ward)


Eleanor Ward & Alan Groh

1955 Jan.-12

Stable Gallery exhibition

Liste des oeuvres Stable Gallery  Exhibition Catalog

 page de couverture  

Invitation Stable Gallery


Exhibition at Whitney Annual






 1955 Oct.- 1958

1957 Forio dIschia 2


1955-56 C Forio dIschia -

At last, missing Europe, he came back with his family and found a residence in Italy in the island of Ischia, Forio - Soprascaro 9 - near Napoli


He organized his house with a large studio,and during three years produced many paintings. Some of them were too big for Neumann Gallery but he was still shipping paintings to be shown in USA.

1956 Ischia 4     1956 Ischia     1956 Ischia 3





1954 Ischia 2   


Studio in Ischia


Exhibition in Roma "Solidarieta Internazionale"


Exhibition in Bordighera "Contemporary American Painting"

Exhibition in Positano

Exhibition at Schneider Gallery in Roma

22.12.57– 01.26.58

Exhibition "Il natale nell'arte ischitana" in Ischia  
United Kingdom: Journey to London in october 58  
1958 - 1962

After 4 years in Italy, he decided to move and was back to France with his family, he found a studio and home in Fourqueux (2, rue de St Nom), half an hour driving from Paris. 

Again,he found a quiet and peaceful accommodation, located along a golf course that brought him the serenity he dearly needed.

1960 Studio in Fourqueux 1960 Fourqueux France 1960 Stonington USA








1959 Dec. Exhibition at  the Galerie Synthèse in Paris  
1960 Nov. Demolition of the Stable Gallery (cf letters from Eleanor Ward and Chapin who married his wife's sister, Sylvia)  
1960 March

Exhibition in Dusseldorf (Günar Gallery)



Divorce from Grace Arthur Scott Jeavons



BELGIAN PERIOD 1963 - 1992


1963 He returned to Belgium to visit his mother who was living in Knokke (Villa Altena) and organized his residence & studio at av. W. Churchill,247 A, in Brussels  

                   E 61  Compo N 50 46 x61 De Vuyst n399 signed on the canvas back

 Exhibition in Brussels : Palais des Beaux-Arts

1964 January 19th Death of his mother: Ruth Snyder (Knokke)  
1966 Aug-23 Marriage with Lucie Lecot (born in 1919 in Antwerpen)  Lucie de Borchgrave
  1 son: Alain de Borchgrave d’Altena  E 64 oil on paper 357 x 268 cm

  Exhibition in Brussels : Galerie La Balance

Galerie La Balance May 12-June 12 1966 acquise à la Librairie Ferraton le 23.03.2013 100

Netherlands : at that time of his life, he was 60 years old,  he renovated an old barn to set up his studio and his home in the middle of nowhere, among the Dutch fields of this flat country.

IMG 8207 IMG 8210  IMG 8198

 1978-1982 EB photo compressée

The decor is minimalist, true to what he is. Stripped of any object, the atmosphere is bright, black and white, both in his studio and home.

1967- 1989

It is located near the borderwith Belgium, not far from Knokke, in , 2 Bruggendijk. During these twenty years, he produced many paintings.The quiet and relaxed atmosphere suited him.


Studi in Zuidzande 2 numérisation0005 numérisation0006

Land Mag. Salon à Zuidzande 31.07.70

    1970 Zuidzande 2 Land Mag. Grange à Zuidzande 31.07.70 1970 jul  Land Magazine Zuidzande  1968 Nov. Zuidzande

During the summer,he followed his wife in the island of Hydra in Greece, where he found the Mediterrean sun and atmosphere. Each year, he was greeted by his friends and resourced with them.

1988 June Town  Country    IMG 3161

18.04.69 -29.04.69

Exhibition of gouaches and paintings in Deurle at the Museum d'Hondt Dhaenens

                        Portrait EB 1970 65 ans



1970 - 1989












During that period, he showed his work in numerous exhibitions, allowing him to present his work and ship his paintings in wooden crates around the world

Brussels, Deinze,

Montréal World Fair (Belgian pavilion)

Osaka World Fair (Belgian pavilion)

Paris Salon de Mai and Galerie Yoshii

London (Fisher Fine Arts)

Anvers, Liège,

Illinois (University)


Lausanne (Galerie Unip Art Contemporain)


Knokke (Willy d'Huysser Gallery)



 Catalogue dexpo. Veranaman 1970


Last studio in Brussels av. Winston Churchill, 239         1989 Studio in Brussels     Last studio in Brussels 1989
1992 oct.16 Deceased in Brussels at 87 years old