1953 Wesley University Wesley, Connecticut  

         stable1954           1955 jan. Stable Gallery       

Stable Gallery Jan. 12, 1955

New York City


 page de couverture Back of Dark Inside   
1956   Ischia, Italy  
  Galeria Schneider Roma, Italy  
1957   Positano, Italy  
1960 Galerie Synthèse Paris, France  
1963 Palais des Beaux-Arts Bruxelles, Belgium  
1966 Galerie La Balance         1966 05.12-06.12 La Balance Brussels
Bruxelles, Belgium Galerie La Balance May 12-June 12 1966 acquise à la Librairie Ferraton le 23.03.2013 100
1967 Galerie MAS Deinze, Belgium  

Palais des Beaux-Arts  08.01.69-26.01.69

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles - Intérieur - Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles gouaches exhibition

Bruxelles, Belgium  Vernissage Beaux-Arts
Galerie-Librairie Van Geyt Hulst, Netherlands  
1969 Galerie Tamara Pfeiffer : gouaches exhibition 04.1969                  
Bruxelles, Belgium  Invitation 17.04.69

 Museum d'Hondt-Dhaenens  09.11.69-06.12.69

Musée Dhondt-Dhaenens

Deurle, Netherlands  vernissage 8.11.1969      9.11.68-06.02.69


Galerie Veranneman Av. Louise, 137

Bruxelles, Belgium  Page de couverture Catalogue dexpo  E 70 
Romi Goldmuntz Centrum 11.16.71-12.05.71
Antwerp, Belgium  
1972 Galerie Fisher Fine Art London, Great-Britain  
1972 Galerie Elysée Bruxelles, Belgium  


Standaard Galerij  02.24.73-03.13.73

Antwerp, Belgium  1973 Standaard Galerij  Anvers 24.2-13.3.1973


Galerie Chozo Yoshii  02.15.78-02.27.78

Paris, France  1978 Galerie Yoshii 15-28 Feb. 1978  1978 Galerie Yoshi     

Exposition Lausanne -  2  Exposition Lausanne - Galerue Unip Art Contemporain

Galerie Unip Art Contemporain  08.29.81-09.23.81

Lausanne, Switzerland     Affiche Lausanne 29.08-23.09 1981

Galerie Denise Van de Velde  11.26.88-01.15.89

Exhibited untitled paintings :

Σ 74/9 Oil on canvas 82 x 100 cm Coll. Hh, Brussels

Σ 78/5 Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm Coll. N&S B. Lausanne CH

Σ 78/13 Oil on canvas 90 x 118 cm Coll. CD.P, Brussels

Σ 81 Oil on canvas 50 x 74 cm Unknown collection

Aalst, Belgium            1988 Catalogue Galerie Denise van de velde      Page 4 - Expo van de Velde


Willy d'Huysser Gallery  04.29.89-05.14.89

Knokke-Zoute, BelgiumCatalogue texte de Willy dHuisser

 Invitation vernissage 29.04.1989 Catalogue dexposition W. DHuysser 1989


Preface Willy d' Huysser
The time has come to pay tribute to ELIE Borgrave who patiently, silently, I would say religiously, accumulated a work of quality and distinction. We show a fifty paintings of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and the sense of power that emerges is consistent with a surprise: this one of our most important abstract painters living and working tirelessly on our side and ... we knew him so bad!
The solid reputation he had acquired abroad, especially in the USA, will finally allow us to take our turn!
Typical Belgian default we do not recognize ours when he was recognized abroad.
Elie, thank you for your long patience.



1994 Hamme Galerie - Group 2 Vanhevel  02.12.94-02.20.94
Brussels, Belgium  
1995 Group2Gallery  02.03.95-03.04.95 "Hommage"                    Exposition 95 Page 3

Brussels, Belgium            

    Exposition 95 Page de couverture DxO 
 1997  Group2Gallery 09.26.97 - 10.31.97 "The Golden Sixties"Invitation Expo Group2Gallery 26.9-31.10.97                 
E66 Onvitation Group2Gallery 25.09.97